Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Going, Going, Gone..... but They'll Be Back!

That beautiful hummingbird that has been visiting the feeder in your backyard has disappeared.  He's actually departed on his annual journey south.

Hummingbirds, and many other bird species migrate each year to friendly climates, moving southward for the winter and returning north for the summer months.

Migration routes for hummingbirds are often more than 2,000 miles!

Scientists learn about bird migration by BANDING as shown in the video below.


Do some research on Hummingbird Migration by checking out this webpage:

(1) Read to find out the migration route for the Ruby Throated Hummingbird.  (Be careful!  The route that it takes traveling north is different than the route that it takes traveling south.)

(2) Sketch a simple map showing the migration routes for the Ruby Throated Hummingbird and label the northbound route and the southbound route.

(3) Put a star on the map where you believe you might be able to best observe (or catch) hummingbirds so that you can BAND them while they are migrating.

(4) Write down the reason you selected that location.

(5) Turn in your paper to Mrs D to EARN A REWARD!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Of Course We Can Design and Build at SDMS !

A bit of tape, some marshmallows and some spaghetti noodles.  Who can turn those simple materials into the highest tower over the next few minutes?......... Ready...... GO!

Do not underestimate the ingenuity of South Dale County Middle Schoolers.  These competitive young scientists conceived design options, experimented, and worked as teams to construct towers while they competed with their classmates.  

  • Future architects?  
  • Future astronauts?  
  • Future car designers?  
  • Future heart surgeons?
  • Future software designers?

I'm proud of these creative and competitive students!

Monday, September 5, 2016

2nd Greatest Prank in College Football and it was SCIENCE !

On the night before the Yellow Jackets were set to arrive in Auburn for an 1896 game (yes, 1896), Auburn students greased the train tracks leading in and out of the local station. When Georgia Tech's train came into town, it skidded through town and didn't stop for five more miles. The GT football team had to make the trek back to town, then went on to lose, 45-0.  (Thanks to USA Today, 08 March 2013.)

Like this story and want to know more?  Checkout this link!  2nd Greatest Prank

EARN A REWARD: Stop by to see Mrs D and explain (in your own words) how this prank worked!