Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Survive or SPLAT !

The Science club at GW Long is made up of more than twenty 5th and 6th grade students.  Last Friday, members competed in a challenge called "Survive or Splat”.  Students were divided into teams, each team was given a bag of approved materials and a raw egg.  The goal was to create a safe package that could protect the egg from cracking when dropped from nearly 30 feet in the air!  Students worked diligently for 30 minutes on their project.  Out of seven teams, 5 survived and only 2 went “Splat”!  Photos of our teams and their egg drop entries are shown below.

“The “Survive or Splat” activity is a great way to really engage students in creative and scientific thinking.  While students dream up and test ideas, they are so absorbed in  “thinking” that they don’t even realize they are learning!”  says Anne Durrance – the teacher who heads up the group.

In addition to “Survive or Splat”, Science club students participate in robotics – learning to build and program robots.  They have also started a recycling program for plastics and ink cartridges.

(Special thanks to Mr. Whatley and Pea River for providing a truck to drop the eggs!)