Friday, March 11, 2011

I saw the space station! Did you?

Hey 5th grade!  Mr D and I were out at 6:00 tonight looking for the International Space Station (ISS).  We saw it!!  It was so exciting!  We also saw Jupiter right after the space station passed.  Jupiter was really neat.  Mr. D set up the telescope and we observed the planet before it went out of view.(We also saw 2 moons orbiting)  After dinner, we went back out and I saw the big dipper! and Orion's belt!, and Sirius!
Mr D is moving the telescope so we can search for Saturn. We are hoping to see the rings!

I hope you saw the ISS!  If not, keep checking in to this blog.  We will post some other dates and times when it will be back in the Alabama sky.

Happy Star gazing!!

Mrs, D

Stargazing - Friday March 9

Did you see the Nanosail-D satellite this morning?  Mrs D caught a glimpse of it for just a few seconds.

Sky will be clear tonite - great for more stargazing.  Good luck and have fun!