Friday, May 6, 2011

WOW - REAL BEES IN OUR CLASS ! Thanks Horton Honey Farms

Many thanks to Mrs Roslyn Horton from Horton Honey Farms in Echo.  Mrs Horton visited our class on Thursday to talk about honeybees and she brought an observation hive with live bees!  This was a great time for us to learn from a beekeeping expert about how a bee colony functions, the different roles of the bees, construction of the honeycomb, and the keen sensitivity that bees have to ensure the recipe for honey is tightly controlled.  We even talked about why “killer bees” are a threat and some of the measures that experts are taking to slow down their entry into our region.
Horton Honey Farms has a great website – check it out !  
Mrs Horton and her family are beekeepers, they sell honey and honey related health products, they teach others about beekeeping and are involved in Christian ministry in the Wiregrass area.
Did you get any disappearing honey?  Mrs D took some Horton’s Honey Farms honey to her family and it began to disappear immediately !