Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Your Own Birding Laboratory !

Want to learn more about birds and improve your observation skills?  Set up one or more bird feeders that are easy to observe from your porch or a window at your house.  You may already have feeders in your yard – if not, you can make one from a used 32 oz plastic bottle using plans at this link:
Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder
Sunflower seeds are a popular treat for backyard birds but you can use other types of bird seed as well.  If your feeder is new, it may take a few days before the birds begin to visit.  Be patient – they will come.
Here are some simple observations that you can begin immediately:  (1) How many different types of birds have you observed at your feeder? (2) What is the maximum number of birds you have seen at the feeder at a same time?  (3) When birds visit, how many seconds do they typically stay at the feeder?  (4) When a male and female bird visit at the same time, which one usually arrives first?  
Want to learn more about bird identification?   There are some outstanding websites that can help you get started.  Checkout these:  WildBirds - Birding for Beginners