Tuesday, August 23, 2016

EARN A REWARD - Concept Map Swimming

You saw him in the Rio Summer Olympics. Michael Phelps is the winner of 23 Olympic Gold Medals - a feat surpassing all other Olympians. Sixteen years ago, at age 15, Phelps was part of the 2000 US Olympic team (although he did not medal in the 2000 games). So what are the factors associated with being a champion swimmer? Clearly he has a high performing body and mind but what are the specific factors that contribute to propelling your body thru water at a high speed?

Draw a concept map including at least 15 elements that contribute to being a champion swimmer.
Your concept map should be drawn on a single sheet of paper.
Turn in your concept map to Mrs D on or before Friday, 02 September and...

Saturday, August 13, 2016

EARN A REWARD ! Use the Scientific Method on Paper Airplanes

Paper airplanes are made out of paper ...... but WHAT KIND OF
PAPER should you select to make  your airplane fly the farthest? 

(1) Compare a piece of copy paper and a piece of construction paper.  Which is heavier?  Which is stiffer?  Which is smoothest?  Which folds the easiest?

(2) Based on your observations, which paper would be the best selection for your airplane?
Fill in the blanks to make a hypothesis:  
"IF I build my airplane from ____(type of paper)____, THEN it will fly far because _____________."

(3) What experiment could you perform to prove (or dis-prove) your hypothesis?
Fill in the blanks to describe the experiment you wish to perform.
"I will build an airplane out of ____________ and another airplane out of ________________.  
I will fly each airplane ______________ times and measure the distance."

TURN IN YOUR OBSERVATIONS, HYPOTHESIS, AND EXPERIMENT TO MRS D TO EARN A REWARD!  and ask her to help you conduct your experiment!

PAPER AIRPLANE - the Science (Not Secrets) of How to Fly Far !

Monday, August 1, 2016


Your beautiful lawn suddenly has a large dead spot - why why why why why ??  Fortunately you are a scientist and decide to employ the SCIENTIFIC METHOD to get some answers.   Start with making observations and developing questions about the dead spot.  
EARN A REWARD:  Begin your investigation into the dead spot on the lawn by studying the picture and doing some research (by simply talking to a gardener or parent).  On a sheet of paper, write down five observations and five questions you want to ask about the dead spot in the lawn.  Turn in your paper to Mrs D by Friday, 12 August to earn a reward! 

Students from GW Long and Rapaport - email me your observations and questions to adurrance@dalecountyboe.org to earn a reward !