Monday, May 9, 2011

EGG CAM - this is cool !

We are watching our eggs each day and so are some 4H students in Lancaster County Nebraska.  They have even set up an “Egg Cam” to allow you to view the eggs around the clock and they’re expecting to see chicks on May 17th.  Checkout their website ! Egg Cam

Embryonic Development - Eggs to Chickens

This week our classroom is monitoring more than 24 chicken eggs in an incubator.  (Thanks very much to Bullock County Extension Office for loaning us the incubator and to Chase Phillips’ family for plenty of fertile eggs!)  We believe that our eggs are at DAY 5 of development and are expecting them to hatch around May 25th.   Here is a link to a great website which shows photos for each day of embryonic development.  (This set of photos was developed by researchers at Auburn University and it’s used by 4H students all over the country.)