Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sunscreen - How Does that Stuff Work?

Sunscreens stop harmful ultraviolet light from penetrating into your skin and they work in one of two ways. Some of them absorb (soak up) the ultraviolet light.  Other suncreens work by reflecting UV light away from your skin using chemicals like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. When it sits on your face, it works like a natural mirror that bounces away the harmful energy in sunlight so it does less damage to your skin. For reflective sunscreens to work properly, you need to apply them liberally and leave them forming a barrier on your face and body—in other words, don't rub them into your skin but let them dry on top, even if it makes you look like a ghost! 

(1)    Find a bottle or tube of sunscreen.  Look on the container and find the “active ingredients”.  Write down the name of Sunscreen product and the name of the active ingredients
(2)    Record three other ways to protect your skin from the sun
(3)    Did you know that overexposure to the sun can cause cancer?  Write two or three sentences to explain why this is true.  (If you are not sure, formulate your best guess!)

To earn your reward, record your answers on paper and provide to Mrs D by class on Friday!