Sunday, December 2, 2012


Been wanting to get a view of the International Space Station ?  Or maybe you've already seen it and want to show your friends?  This week and next there are two great viewing opportunities (from Dale County area).  Times and viewing locations are listed below - Good Luck !!

Saturday, 08 Dec 2012 - at 6:34pm, ISS will be in SE sky (129 deg azimuth) and almost directly overhead (83 deg elevation).  It will be flying from right to left.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012 - at 5:39pm, ISS will be in NW sky (318 deg azimuth) and 60 degrees above the horizon.  It will be flying from left to right.

Want to check satellite flyover times for yourself?  Check out this link - you can give it your location then get a 5-day forecast on satellites that are bright enough to see without a telescope.

THANKS to Alabama Power Foundation - $1000 Grant for Science Club !!

On Monday, October 26th, we were honored by a surprise visit from Mrs C Johnson, representing the Alabama Power Foundation.   The foundation awarded a $1000 grant to Mrs D’s Science Club to further the club’s ability to reach out and encourage 5th and 6th grade Science students.  

Mrs Johnson remarked, “Thank you for all the hard work – please continue to inspire these young people.  We hope that this grant will allow you to invest in additional field trips or special experiences in the Science Club.”

Wow!  Thanks very much to the Alabama Power Foundation.  We are grateful for your participation and for this generous grant.  We will indeed use these funds wisely to create new learning opportunities for Science Club members.

The Alabama Power Foundation generously supports educational and community activities.  To learn more about the foundation or to join with them in giving or volunteering, checkout their website.  Ala Power Foundation