Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Amazing Camouflaged Animals - Check These Out!

For many animals, camouflage is essential for survival.  Whether it's a gecko blending into bark, a jaguar fading into foliage or a Peringuey's viper sliding through sand, good camo can mean the difference between eating and being eaten.  Click on the link below to see 10 pretty amazing examples of camouflage.  (Excerpted from Yahoo News)

Yahoo News - Camouflage

REWARD OFFERED ! - Hydroelectric Power - Electricity from Water

Do some research to earn a prize in class on Thursday!
Last week we learned about hydroelectric power - turning the potential energy of water into electricity.  This is a picture of Wilson Dam in Alabama.  This extraordinary dam was completed in 1927 (more than 80 years ago) and at 630,000 kW, it remains one of the nation's highest capacity hydroelectric plants.  Wilson is one of three dams in Alabama that are managed by the TVA.
To get your reward, you'll need to provide the following by class on Thursday:
- Who was Wilson Dam named for?
- In which river was the dam constructed?
- What does TVA stand for?
- What are the other two TVA hydroelectric plants in Alabama?
- Where did you find your answers?