Sunday, October 2, 2011

Think Like a Scientist for Renewable Resources and EARN A REWARD

Wind Energy is a renewable resource.  In some areas of the country, large wind turbines (similar to windmills) are being constructed and used for generating electrical power.  Obviously you need windy conditions.....  in fact, scientists recommend that wind speeds be greater than or equal to 6.5 m/s (meters per second) in order for wind turbines to work well.


(1) Use this link to download a color map of wind speeds for the United States.  Wind Map for United States (If you have trouble, Mrs D can provide you a map.)

(2) Review the legend at the bottom right of the map which shows different colors for different wind speeds – remember we are looking for wind speeds of 6.5 m/s or greater.

(3) Pick out ten states where you (as a scientist) recommend installing wind turbines for generating electricity.  Mark them clearly on your map.

(4) As a scientist, why do you think these states are “windier” than other states?  Your answer should include at least three reasons (or factors) that make certain states “windier” than others.  Write down your answers on a piece of notebook paper.

Turn in your marked up color map and your paper with the answer to question 4 BY CLASS ON FRIDAY, OCTOBER 7th to receive an award!!

How Big? - Checkout this Really Cool Website

How big is a dust mite?  What about a red blood cell?  Checkout this great website and get a view of some pretty small objects compared to the head of a pin.

When you get to the website, click on "Start the Animation".  When the animation begins, click on the blue arrows next to the word "Magnification".  You can zoom in and out and get a real appreciation of things that are just too small for the unaided eye to see.  Have fun!