Friday, April 1, 2011

REWARD for Weather Scientists !

Yesterday, pilots in Florida were taken by surprise when a tornado struck at an airshow.  Did you know that we had 36 tornadoes in Alabama last year ?  Click on the link below to begin researching when and where they occurred.

For more fun, get a map of Alabama and mark the location (by county) for each of the 36 tornadoes we had last year.  You can use the map provided by Mrs D or download your own map from the internet.

FOR A REWARD, bring in your map of Alabama showing the locations (by county) for each of the 36 tornadoes from 2010.  Turn in your completed "tornadoes by county" map by Tuesday, Apr 5th to receive a reward !  Have fun.

Be Prepared for Hazardous Weather !

Spring means flowers, warmer weather, and storm hazards.  Did you know that Alabama experiences more tornado related fatalities than any other state. Between 1980 and 2009, Alabama experienced 38 killer tornadoes, which resulted in 165 fatalities. Click on this link to download the booklet on Alabama All Hazards Awareness.  Page 4 and 5 show how to make a plan to ensure your family is prepared.  Take the lead and discuss this with your family members.