Sunday, July 17, 2011


STS-135, the final voyage of the United States' Space Shuttle Program is underway and the shuttle is currently docked with the International Space Station.  Wiregrass residents will have two good opportunities to see the shuttle this week. 
  • Wed, 20 July at 548am, the Shuttle will zip across the Southeast sky.  Look for it at 129 degrees azimuth and a relatively low, 33 degrees elevation.  The shuttle and ISS will be moving from right to left. 
  • The best view this week will be Fri, 22 July at 529am.  The Shuttle will be in the ESE sky almost directly overhead.  Look for it at 108 deg azimuth, 84 deg elevation.  Shuttle and ISS will be moving from right to left.
If the weather is good, don't miss this opportunity.  If you do spot the Shuttle and ISS, be sure to leave a message in the comment field of the blog that we can share with others.  Thanks and Good Luck!

Getting Ready to Depart from - Seattle, Washington

On Saturday, Mrs D and son Joe (a senior at Carroll High School, an Auburn fan, and yet very much a Texan) kicked off the Science at Sea adventure with Steve Spangler in the port city of Seattle.  After a "tough" day of experiments, demonstrations, and fellowship with other educators across the US, Mrs D and Joe took in the sights of Seattle including a visit to the top of the Space Needle, constructed for the 1960 World's Fair.  They also sampled some of the fantastic local food. 
As of midday Sunday, they are preparing to board the Oosterdam by 4pm PDT and will be underway soon!

Follow Mrs D on her trip to Alaska

Mrs D and Joe are beginning the Science at Sea adventure cruising on the ship Oosterdam.  Click on this link then go to the small window labelled "track history" (at the top of the page) and change the number to 6 or less to see where the ship Oosterdam is located.   
Where in the World is Mrs D?