Friday, May 20, 2011

Watch Shuttle and Space Station Flyover While Docked

The second to last of the shuttle missions, STS-134, is underway right now and the Space Shuttle is currently docked with the International Space Station.  We have a great opportunity (in the Dale County area) to view the two as they pass overhead next Wednesday, May 25th.    At 5am that morning, look for the Shuttle/ISS to appear in the northwest sky (316 degrees) and almost directly overhead (80 degrees).  As you are facing northwest, it will appear to move from left to right.

If you are not in Dale County, Alabama, check the following link to find good viewing times for your area.  Real Time Satellite Tracking

Moving Day for our Classroom

As we wrap up the school year, we are making some changes - one of those is moving to a new classroom.  Thanks to the staff members, fellow teachers, and students who pitched in to help with the move.  Our new classroom looks great !