Tuesday, April 19, 2011

NASA Explorer Schools - Cool

This week Mrs D qualified to become a NASA EXPLORER SCHOOL educator.  What does this mean for GW Long 5th Grade ?  Our students will get special access to resources linking science, technology, engineering, math, and real world challenges.

It's awesome to know that we are in the process of inspring our future inventors, innovators, and leaders!


To maximize time in flight for a model rocket do you use a larger (and heavier) recovery system or do you instead use a smaller, lighter (but less effective) recovery system.  That is exactly the problem that our 5th grade Science students will evaluate this week using the Scientific Method.  On Thursday, we will launch 12 rockets, recover them, and take measurements to determine the best approach.


Mission Patches Define the Spirit of Our Launch Teams

Every NASA Space Mission is distinguished by a unique patch that identifies their mission and the crew members.  Take a look at the Mission Patches designed by our launch teams - these are awesome !  Our teams will work together all week, building their rockets, formulating hypotheses, performing launch, recovery, and taking measurements.