Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Science !!

Super Bowl Sunday - Giants vs Patriots !   Did you know that each player on the field is protected by a number of devices designed by scientists?  Shoes, leg pads, shoulder pads, kevlar vests .... and the most important of all: the helmet.  Helmets are designed to protect heads and faces and they are constantly improved.  Take a look at some football helmets dating back almost 100 years and look at the changes.

EARN A REWARD - Examine the helmets on the attached photo and do some online research.....  or even ask a football coach about helmet design improvements.  To get your reward, do the following and bring to class on or before Friday, 10 February.

(1) List the requirements for a good football helmet - identify at least six requirements
(2) List improvements in football helmet design in the past 100 years - identify at least six improvements
(3) Identify a sports related safety device that needs to be invented or improved upon.  (a) Describe it, (b) list at least three benefits of this device, (c) draw a picture of how it might look, (d) define the material you might use to make it.