Sunday, April 10, 2011

Great View of International Space Station Tues Morn 6:05am

Love to see those satellites?  The International Space Station (ISS) will be easy to view on Tuesday morning.  It will be in the Northeast sky at 38 degrees azimuth and it will be at 67 degrees elevation.  (67 degrees is not directly overhead but is high in the sky.)  You'll be able to see the ISS at 6:05am, moving across the sky from left to right.

5th Graders Experiment with Color

 5th Grade Science students studied color last week.  To cap off the lesson, each student made his/her own personalized shirt.  We applied colors to the shirts then applied rubbing alcohol to make the inks disperse.  

The results were pretty cool !  Colors merge together making new colors and hard lines or dots blur into funky shapes.

Be sure to find a 5th Grade Science student this week and ask to see their shirt !  Every one of them is a unique work of art (and Science)!