Sunday, May 17, 2015

DESIGN - BUILD - TEST ! - "Yes, I am a Rocket Scientist!"

With the end of the school year rapidly approaching, RAPS 4th Science Club celebrated our final meeting with rocket launching.  Students designed, built, and launched their own rockets using a 2-liter plastic bottle and ordinary materials from home.  Having just returned from Johnson Space Center, these students were inspired and ready.  Check out those rockets!


"...One Small Step Off the Bus, One Giant Leap Into Science"

Rapoport 4th Grade Science Students wrapped up a fantastic field trip to Houston.  After our visit and sleepover in the Aquarium, we made it Moody Gardens then headed for Johnson Space Center.  
Truly, hands-on learning is the best!   Students had opportunities to observe sea-life and rain forests, and visit "Mission Control" for the US Space Program.  What a great way to cap off the year!

Thanks to our parents, staff, and sponsors for making this a truly memorable and inspiring event for these young scientists!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

FIELD TRIP UPDATE: Being a Scientist is Hard Work - Well, It's Not All Hard Work :)

Raven 4th Graders have been busy in Houston.  This morning started at the Moody Gardens Butterfly Exhibit.  We have already studied about the incredible migration of the monarch butterfly and today students were able to get "up close and personal" with these delicate and amazing animals.

Yes, we are in Texas but Moody Gardens provided an opportunity to travel through a Rain Forest to visit varieties of trees and plants that are rarely seen by Texans.

These scientists do know how to get ready for a full evening of learning at the Space Camp After Dark......  everyone recharged their batteries in the swimming pool then we headed off to Johnson Space Center for Space Camp After Dark.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Rapoport Raven Scientists EXPERIENCE Houston Aquarium, Moody Gardens, Johnson Space Center!

Wow! 25 Rapoport Academey Ravens descended on Houston today to experience Science first hand.

These future scientists, engineers, doctors, and educators will learn about ocean life, plant biology and exploring outer space.

After a long bus ride from Waco to Houston and a busy day learning, these hard-working students are spending the nite IN THE AQUARIUM with the sharks, sting-rays, and lobsters.  (They're not expecting to bump into SpongeBob but..... who knows?)

Tomorrow will be a full day at NASA's "MISSION CONTROL", aka Johnson Space Center!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Challenging Tomorrow’s Scientists to Create, Compete, Collaborate (and HAVE FUN)

The challenge:
- Build the Highest Free-Standing Structure Possible
- Work as a Team
- Use 25 Raw Spaghetti Noodles and Marshmallows
- Have Fun!

Just like building a real tower, this challenge requires young scientists to consider balance, geometry, weight and strength of materials.  

Congratulations to our winning team of Andin,Eli and Mia , who constructed a tower that exceeded 60 centimeters!