Monday, March 7, 2011

Astronaut Wake Up Call - Discovery Final Mission

Did you know that we have astronauts in space right now?  Years ago, the entire world watched every launch and spaceflight..... today, space travel is commonplace and crews are regularly going into orbit.  The Space Shuttle - there are several of them - is nearing the end of its service with NASA.  The crew of the space shuttle Discovery has just undocked from the space station and this was their wake-up call this morning.  Ask your parents and grandparents if the music sounds familiar.

Space - The Final Frontier

This week we are studying our solar system, planets,and space exploration.  One of the great tools that scientists use to study the universe is the Hubble telescope.  The Hubble telescope is unique because it is located in space.  Check out the link below for more information on the Hubble and see some of the fantastic images it has recorded.    For those of you who are really curious, do some research to find out what problem the Hubble had when it was first put into service and what NASA did to fix the problem.

Have fun!

Crazy Penny Cleaner - Hey Pass the Chips and Salsa !!!

This is our new Science Blog.  The word "Blog" is short for "Web Log" - it's a record of some cool things we do in Science.  Check back often and have some fun with us.

Now, reach into your pocket and pull out a penny..... dirty or dingy looking?  Click on the attached link and find a wild way to clean pennies...... be sure to get permission before trying this one!

Have fun !